Cricket fantasy website


I am a cricket fan. I have written a story on my fantasy as a cricketer & I have developed this story in the form of a website. I have imagined an entire life of a cricketer as I would have loved to have in it & have thought of different aspects of it in it. Cricket in India is big business & big craze. & The story of a cricketer would surely be a big interest. I have crafted this story very beautifully, & am sure readers will love it. The only thing I doubt is that this may have some legal repercussions somewhere as I have claimed in it that I have played with real players like Sachin etc. & I am as good a player as them. I fear only this repercussion & am hesitant in hosting this website. But I am very passionate about it also & this is the reason I am hosting it. If any issue arises ever, I will remove it from here. Till then, I launch it in my name, publishing the autobiography of cricketer Saurabh Choudhary. Kindly browse through it & give your comments in the comment / feedback section. I am very passionate about this. Kindly also excuse me as I have dared to take my name along with these real players.